About Us
Grandma Joan's Award Winning Live-in Care Company
The Nation's Live-in Care Experts
Founder and Owner of Grandma Joans David Petroski
We've been helping adult children successfully navigate one of life's most stressful moments...deciding what is best for their aging parents when they can no longer live safely on their own.
Since 2010, Grandma Joan's consumer based home-care model has been providing American families with a more affordable solution to choose from than the business directed models of nursing homes and home care agencies.  

Some Facts About Us

  • Ranked in the Top 1% of Senior-Care Providers in the US and Canada, out of 45,000 Providers! (2014 and 2017)
  • Started off as a state licensed Home Healthcare Agency, serving clients in Essex County NJ in 2010.
  • Our consumer directed home-care model was born from one of our home care agency clients who desperately needed our service, but couldn't afford our agency rates.
  • In 2011, we opened our service to clients in other states. In less than one year, we had clients from Florida to Maine, and from New York to California.
  • Compared to a home care agency, our service saves families an average of $27,300 each year and provides the live-in caregiver with a higher rate of pay. This benefits client and caregiver alike..
  • BBB® Accredited Nationwide (A+ Rating)
  • Proud members of the Alzheimer Association®.
  • The service is named after the founders mother, who has been a caring  RN for over 60 years.
  • We love helping people stay in their homes!

Grandma Joan's Story

We started out as a state licensed home care agency in 2010. Our Grandma Joan's home-care model was born from an exit survey with one of our original home care agency clients. He was distressed about the need to continue our professional live-in services for his mom. She was living alone and had Alzheimer's; however, he was no longer able to afford our high agency rates. It was from this client’s need that Grandma Joans™ was born. We helped him find, screen, and contract with a qualified independent live-in,  all for a onetime set up fee. He paid the independent provider directly and on the books, cutting out our agency overhead. On average, Grandma Joan's model costs clients $27,000 a year LESS than using the same live-in through a home-care agency. Grandma Joan's service model was an overnight success, and within a year of its launch we went nationwide.