California Live-in 
vs 24 hr care
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​​Pay 47% Less 

Our California clients pay an average of 47% less for a live-in caregiver 
vs using a local home care agency for unneeded 24 hr care. 

Why has California become the most expensive states for
non- medical custodial care at home?

Good question. 

Home care agencies have stopped providing live-in care services in California due to some scary changes to labor laws in the last few years.  In laymans terms, the CA courts ruled that if an employee was required to be somewhere, or required to be on call, then even though they were sleeping, they would need to be paid for that time. CA is the only state in the nation with this ruling and it overrides the Federal rules on domestic live-ins which say that they dont need to be paid for their sleep shift. 

So what happened is home care agencies choose to pay multiple caregivers, each working 8-12 hour shifts for the full 24 hrs EVEN when the coverage was not needed, instead of the normal 16 hour live-ins work. Add to that CA has become one of the highest min wage states in the country, and its "Domestic Workers Bill of Rights" and what you wind up with is the perfect storm. 

High min wages + 30% more paid hours each day + unique domestic worker OT laws = The most expensive state in the nation to grow old in... or atleast age in place at home. Instead of $250 a day, the same coverage in CA now costs $600 a day when going through a home care agency. 

Is There A Solution?

Grandma Joan's may be able to help though.
First Scenario $9,625 per month for 24/6 coverage
If you require the live-in to be in the home and or on call during their sleepshift, then you must pay them for that time. Paying them privately at minimun wage, a 24/6 day live-in will cost you $9,625 a month, based on the states min wage. That includes all of your payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, and even the payroll service. Thats a lot of money, but still more then 5k less than an agency. 

Second Scenario $6,125 a month for 16/6 coverage
If your situation allows for the live in to be truly off during their unpaid sleepshift , then we can help save you a boat load of money. Why pay for 24 hrs when you only really need 16 hrs?  

If thats the case, then a live-in caregiver in most areas of CA will cost you $250 per day (depending on the level of service needed, and the number of days that you need them). Some exceptions apply. That rate includes all required CA payroll taxes, and our partner payroll service to handle all your payroll obligations for you. You can also get CA Workers comp insurance for under $500 a year for 100% liability protection and total peace of mind.

For the second scenario, it is suggested that CA families should set forth specific policies in the employee contract  that confirms the live-in is not on call, has no duties after their shift ends, and has the freedom to come and go as they please during any unpaid hours. 

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