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**Grandma Joans was awarded "Best of Home-Care" for ranking in the top 1% of senior care companies nationwide as rated by families on 
Grandma Joans vs Home Care Agency
Grandma Joans vs
Asssited Living
Grandma Joans vs
Nursing Home
Both offer one on one personal care and companionship in the comfort of the care recipients home. 

Main Differences
  • GJ privately hired live-ins can drive , administer medications, do pet care, or whatever else you want done. Agency aides have a long list of things that they can't do, including those mentioned.
  •  GJ lets you meet and choose your live-in. Most agencies do not.
  • GJ model attracts the top talent. Agencies pay the live-in half of what they charge you. This means that the agency aids are making minimum wage, while yours are being compensated fully. 

First month for 7 day live-in is about the same cost (8-9k) for either option. Second month onward, GJ drops 3k to 6-7k but agency stays at 8-9k. Annualized difference in cost is 20-30k less if you use GJ service. 

If the agency charges you for 24/7 (two 12 hour awake shifts) and the care recipient is mainly sleeping at night-time, switching to GJ 7 day live-in will save you about 7-8k per month.
 Both keep the care recipient living as independently as possible while providing hands-on help when needed. 

Main Differences
  • GJ allows your parent to stay safely in their own home and community, while an AL requires stress filled uprooting and moving.
  • A private live-in provides immediate one on one assistance and companionship instead of 1 aide per 25-50 residents in assisted living facilities.
  • With a live-in, there are no long waits to get help to stand up, or use the bathroom at night, or to help with all the other things that require assistance. 

Assisted living facilities are typically 3-5k per month, which is about 3k less then when using a live-in for all 7 days. The cost would be closer if you hired the live-in for 5 or 6 days.
Both offer a way for a care recipient that needs a higher amount of attention a means to receive it.
Main Differences
  • GJ allows your parent to stay safely in their own home and community, while a nursing home  require  stress filled uprooting and moving.
  • Nursing homes are notoriously understaffed and residents have to call out again and again for any assistance. A one on one aide in the comfort of your own home can't be beat. 
  • Memory care units use drugs to sedate patients instead of calming them with a loving touch and soft voice.
Nursing homes range in price and amenities much like hotels. There are "roadside motels" types with shared rooms for 4k a month to large grand building with spacious bedrooms costing 15k month. The national average is 7.5k per month. At that rate, a GJ one on one 24/7 live-in would cost LESS per year.