​Grandma Joan's Service was
Rated in the Top 1% of US Senior-Care Companies*

**Grandma Joan was awarded "Best of Home-Care" for ranking in the top 1% of senior care companies nationwide as rated by families on SeniorAdviser.com 

Pay 50% Less , Get 33% More

Our clients pay an average of 50% less for a live-in when using our service vs using a local home care agency for 24 hr coverage. Add to that fact that the live-in makes an average of 33% more then what an agency pays their caregivers. What that translates into is that our service can afford a Premium top performer with the most experience and best references, all while costing you less money!
Top Performers
We only work with the top 10% of private hire live-ins in the US. They average 10+ years ADL / memory care experience, come with impeccable references, and are thoroughly screened and vetted by us before placement. This includes a full social security trace (aka "alias search"), a county by county criminal records check, a National Multi-Jurisdictional records search, a Federal records search, and a 10 panel drug test administered by Quest Diagnostics.

Premium Service

Half the Cost

Nothing is better than the one-on-one premium assistance of a private live-in caregiver, whenever help is needed by your loved one.

Care Facilities are staffed at 1 aide to 15-20  residents! Assisted Living Facilities are staffed with 1 aide per 25-50 residents.

Grandma Joan's private hire model costs 50% LESS than a home care agency for 24 hour coverage. 

Not only is it 50% less in cost, but with live-in care, the care recipient gets to bond with one core caregiver for the month, instead of the ever changing group of 6-8 rotating shift workers coming and going all hours of the day and night with an agency's 24 hour business centered model.

Get a premium care experience in the comfort of your own home.

Why do you charge a one time fee?

Good question. 
Lets rephrase it though: Why do agencies charge their fee every month instead of just once like Grandma Joan? That’s a better question.  When you are given a rate from an agency, it’s made up of the caregiver's salary + the agency’s admin fee.  Typically the caregivers makes only half of what you are charged.  It’s a horrible system for both the caregiver and the care recipient.  The client pays the highest rate for the lowest paid caregivers. If you are paying an agency $15,000 per month, then  $7,000-$8,000 of that is the recurring agency fee.  You pay it every single month that you continue to use them. The caregivers make on average 50% of what the agency charges their clients. 

Grandma Joan charges the placement fee just once.    
We do this the first month when all of the “heavy lifting” is done by us finding and screening local live-ins for you , and setting you and them up professionally together with limited liability contracts and the steady hand of our years of experience installing private live-in caregivers. It includes our costs of unparalleled background checks, drug testing, and screening each top candidate.  

If you are paying a GJ live-in $6,000 per month, then they are grossing $6,000 per month. This attracts the best of the best live-in caregivers with the most experience and highest recommendations from previous clients to apply for your position, and allows us to be very, very picky as to who makes it through our screening.  Pay less, get more. Thats our long term care model.

Private Hire Aides Can Do More.

  • Privately hired live-ins can assist with  medications, drive the care recipient, do pet care, or whatever else you want done. Agency aides have a long list of things that they can't do, including those mentioned.

  •  GJ lets you meet and choose your live-in. This greatly increases the buy-in from the care recipient and gives your family the control of who is working  in your home. Most agencies do not.