Looking for Experienced Live-ins
For Our Private Hire Clients

Grandma Joans LLC is a private search firm that specializes in connecting families in need with screened live-in candidates to contract privately with. We are not an employment agency or a "co-employer" with the family. We don't hire or employ any caregiver ourselves. We represent families as their private recruiters. 

We only refer legal, on the books jobs for experienced providers.
You must be legal to work and willing to be paid by employee paycheck with your taxes withheld for you. Our clients are private families, not companies or agencies. They negotiate the specific requirements of the contract with you, not us.

Why should you apply for a job with one of our clients?
We represent families that report to us that they meet 3 requirements. We turn away many more clients then we accept because we understand in order for a live-in care arrangement to succeed long term, it has to be good for both parties, not just the client. 

We do this by screening each potential
client for the below 3 requirements


They have a 
spare furnished bedroom
You can
sleep solid
most nights
They have $5,000+ month
to pay you.
We only accept as clients, families that have a spare furnished bedroom for you in their home. We know how strange it can be when you first start with a new family, and how important it is that you have your own "space" within their place. How nice it is when you can even decorate it with your own things. 

We have heard too many stories about live-ins pulling 16 hr. days with then having sleepless nights on 1/2 deflated air-mattress on the care recipient's bedroom floor, or tossing and turning on uncomfortable couches in the living room, and instead of a dresser all you got was a "spot" under the coffee table to put your things. Never again. Not with our clients.   
Long term custodial care is expensive. Very expensive in fact. Do you realize that the average 5 day live-in works two 40 hour work weeks every single week?  ​​​
$5,000+ per month for watching over an adult in need may sound like a lot, but its not when you consider the huge time and personal sacrifice that live-ins make every month to take care of someone else’s parents. 

Lets keep in mind that you also get room and board, including all of your meals paid for. Live-in jobs are a ton of work hours, but can earn you a much higher then average monthly income to save or send to family abroad.   
  There is nothing like a good night sleep after a long day at work. Especially after a 12-16hr day. That’s why we know how important it is for you to get a solid night of sleep as often as possible.

 We know the nature of this job may not allow for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, but it shouldn’t mean that you have to sleep in 2-3 hr. increments either.

We only accept as clients families that report to us that you will get 5+ continuous hours of sleep on most nights. It’s not perfect, but its better than most the stories that we hear about families expecting their live-in to work 24 hrs.!

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