When you only need part time help...
Grandma Joans is testing a "Live-in Lite" program for families who want the benefits of having someone live-in with a parent who lives alone, but doesn't need anyone full time yet. 

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But still want someone there overnights.
An Alternative to Assisted Living
  1. "I don't want to move. This is MY home"
    "I don't want to move. This is MY home"
    Why don't they understand that I want to stay in my own home. It's my life, not theirs! I can manage fine. I just need a little help now and then.
  2. "I worry about mom living alone"
    "I worry about mom living alone"
    Why wont she just do whats best for everybody and move to an assisted living? Doesn't she understand that we are worried about her safety?
  3. "Dad can't afford much help"
    "Dad can't afford much help"
    If we don't sell Dad's home, is there enough money to keep him there safely? What options do we have? What about overnights?

Pilot Requirements

  1. Minimal Care Needs
    Roommate can assist a couple of hours most days. Usually before they leave for work and after they get home at night.
  2. Spare Bedroom
    You will need a spare bedroom for the roommate to move into. They should be allowed to decorate the room as their own.
  3. Monthly Budget $2,000-$2,700
    Rates includes all payroll taxes and a domestic employee payroll service. What it does not include is the program set up fee of $3,800.

The Program Basics 

A senior who lives alone and has a spare bedroom shares their home with a screened and background checked roommate to help them around the house and  to live safely at home. 
Unlike traditional live-in care arrangements, the care needs should be minimal, and the roommate can maintain a part or full time job/schooling outside of the home if they desire. 
The pay is minimal, and just enough to entice the right person to leave their living arrangements and move in with a senior in need as their helper.

​​Assistance with:
  • house chores
  • companionship 
  • shopping
  • driving/errands
  • meal prep and cleanup 
  • using technologies (computer/smartphone/email)
  • medications​​
  • safety monitoring
  • be "on call" overnights (except CA)
  • pet care
  • church attendance
  • laundry
  • dressing
  • grooming
  • transportation
  • home maintenance 
Rates starting at:
  • $67 day / $2,000  month
  • Includes all payroll taxes and payroll service.
  • Includes help each day and safety monitoring each night.

​​Requirements / Notes
  • Must have a care assessment done by a Geriatric Care Manager to determine eligibility. We can refer you a Care Manager that serves seniors in your parent(s) zip-code. 
  • Not suitable for dementia care or hands-on personal care (bathing/toileting etc..) 
  • ​Have a spare furnished bedroom.
  • Minimal hands-on care needs.
  • The paid roommate can come and go as they please when not working for the home provider. 
  • Paid roommate should not be required to be "on duty" more than a couple hours per day.
  • Must allow 30-90 days from contract time for us to find and screen the paid roommate. 
  • Deposit of $300 starts the search. Balance of $3,500 due only upon screened roommate moving in.
  • Program is not available in all areas.
  • Target roommates are caregivers, empty nesters, single retirees, and if near colleges, nursing or grad students.  

Roommate Screening Requirements

Background Checked

Drug Tested

Each candidate has a socially security trace done, then using that information we complete county, state, federal and nationwide criminal background checks.
Within 2 weeks of their move in date, they will obtain and submit a drug test at a Quest Diagnostics lab.  You will receive a copy of the test results.