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Why has MA become the most expensive state for non medical custodial

Good question. 

Home care agencies have largely stopped providing live-in care services in Massachusetts due to major changes to labor laws instituted in 2015 by the MA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, and the federal FLSA changes . They have replaced live-in services with 24 hr care because it is safer for them legally, and the profit margin is greater when they split the days into smaller shifts and multiple employees to reduce the new manadatory OT laws for domestic workers. 

So what happens now is that home care agencies pay multiple caregivers, each working 8-12 hour shifts for the full 24 hrs. Add to that MA has become one of the highest min wage states in the country, and its "Domestic Workers Bill of Rights" and what you wind up with is the perfect storm. 

High min wages + 30% more paid hours each day + unique domestic worker OT laws = The most expensive state in the nation to grow old in... or atleast age in place at home.

Is There A Solution?

Grandma Joan can help you! If your situation allows for the live in to sleep during their unpaid sleepshift , then we can help save you a boat load of money. Why pay for 24 hrs when you only really need 16 hrs?  Why have 6-8 strangers coming and going, when you can have just 1 stay there for consistancy and bonding with the care recipient ? 

If thats the case, then a live-in caregiver will cost you an averasge of $125,000 LESS PER YEAR in Massachusettes than a home care agency provideing 24 hr coverage.

The live-in can work monthly (up to 6.5 days a week) for that rate. Some exceptions apply. Our quoted rates include all required MA payroll taxes, and our partner payroll service to handle all your payroll obligations for you. You can also get MA Workers comp insurance for about $500 a year for 100% liability protection and total peace of mind.


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​Why Rely on a Live-in care agency in MA
 When you have been looking for a solution that would allow you to relax regarding the current situation with your elderly family member, a live-in caregiver would be the perfect choice. You would be investing in the services provided by an experienced professional that will be at your loved one’s disposal for 16 hours straight and then get an 8 hours rest break.

Of course, if you would prefer them to provide your relative assistance during those 8 hours as well, you would need to pay them. We will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that you hire just the right individual to live with and care for your loved one. The problem with any other options is that they are incredibly expensive, fact which proves to be incredibly stressful for the family that is trying to find a proper solution in their own specific case.

The good news is that our Live-in care agency in MA is more than prepared to help you with this process while ensuring that you are able to afford the services of the caregiver that you ultimately hire. All the costs are presented upfront so that you know exactly what to expect at all times and actually work on a budget that you can afford. We will match you up with the professional that can cater to your specific needs.

The key facts that you must keep in mind is that the live-in caregiver would need to have their own room and 8hrs of rest. However, knowing that they are there in case of an emergency makes this option ideal. One day per week, on their day off you can opt for the help of a local home-care agency or any other reliable solution that would provide your relative the care they require. Contact us today for more details!